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 North America
Museum of Printing Arts (Zefat- Israel) (Zefat- Israel) (Zefat- Israel)
Kiryat Hatzayrim
POB 1016, Zefat 13110


New Echota Museum (Calhow - U.S.A)
Route 3, Calhou, Georgia 30701

Printing house (1829), where the newspaper "Cherokee Phoenix", was printed in Cherokee and English.
Wilson Printing House (Deerfield - U.S.A)
The Street, Deerfield, Massachusetts 01342.

19th century printing equipment. Books printed in the building.
"Galena Gazette" Museum (Galena - U.S.A)
213 S. Main Street, Galena Illianois 61035

Hand and food-operated presses. Wooden type. Early issues of "Galena Gazette".
Meeting House Green Memorial and Historical Association Museum
(Hampton - U.S.A)

(Hampton - U.S.A)

40 Park Avenue, Hampton, New Hampshire 03842

Printing shops.
Vermont Historical Society Museum (Montpelier - U.S.A)
Pavillion Hotel Building, Montpelier, Vermont 05602

Stephen Daye Press (1638) earliest surviving printing press in North America.
John H. Finlefy Museum of the Printed World (New York - U.S.A)
New York L 29 W. 43rd Street, N.Y., N.Y. 10038

History of printing and of newspapers.
Museum of The Media (New York- USA)
1 Union Square W
N. Y., N. Y. 1000 USA
New York Public Library (New York- USA) (New York- USA)
5th Av. and 42 n St. New York
NY 10018 USA
Shakespeare Press Museum (Obispo- USA)
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo
CA 93407 USA
The House of the Book (San Juan - U.S.A)
Calle del Cristo 255, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00903

History of book production. Typography. Printing. Papermaking. Binding.
Indiana Territorial State Memorial (Vincennes - U.S.A)
Harrison and Park Streets, Vincennes, Indiana 47591

Offices of the "Western Sun", containing a "Ramage" press of the kind used by Elihustaut to print the
Territory's first newspaper, 1804.

Newseum (Washington - USA) (Washington - USA)

The News Museum was open in April 1997 becoming like that in the first world museum totally dedicated to the news.

The idea cames from the creator of the "USA TODAY", Allen Neuharth that controls the "Freedom Forum" (ex-Gannett Foundation), institution connected to the Gannett group big newspaper chain.

The museum is being installed in Rosslyn, Washington suburbs, precisely in the trade hall Freedom Forum building, near "USA TODAY", in the present time, the second newspaper North American of larger circulation.

It is expected that one of the most museum attractions will be the "News Wall" composed by colossal electronic screen of 40 m. length that will give news of all world in written message agency form.

Besides the great electronic system foreseen the museum will have also radio and TV studios where visitors can contact with American media stars and does live shows.

 South America


Museum of the National Printing Works (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
Av. Rodrigues Alves, 1, Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara

Printing machinery. Display of works produced at the National Printing Works.
Press Museum (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
Rua Araújo Porto Alegre, 71 - R. Janeiro, Guanabara

Maintained by the Brazilian Press Association.


Graphical Arts Museum (Bogota - Columbia)
Av. 1and Carrera 16, Bogota

Old printing presses, wordcuts, typographical equipment. Lithography. Currency notes. Stamps



Qiu Jin Museum (Shao Shing - Rep. P. China)
Shao Shing, Chekiang Province

Memorial Museum to Qiu Jin, revolutionary heroine, who edited a newspaper at Shangai and was shot
by the emperor’s supporters (1907).


Obunsha Centre of Publishing Culture (Tokyo - Japan)
55, Yo Koteramachi, Shinguki - Ku, Tokyo

History of printing and publishing.



Iskra Museum (Kishinev - Russia)
Podolskaya Ul. 39, kishinev, Moldaviga

House in witch the illegal newspaper "Iskra" was produced (1901-2). Exhibits illustrating the
importance, production and distribution of the paper.
Underground Press of the CC RSDLP. (B), 1905-6 (Moscow - Russia)
Lesnaya ul. 55 Moscow

Underground premiers where the revolutionary newspaper, "Rabochi", was printed.



Collections of Schlhgl Monastery (Aigen- Austria)
4160 Aigen, Upper Austria

Calligraphy. Incunabula.
Franz Kiessling Museum (Drosendorf- Austria)
Drosendorf 17, 2095 Drosendorf. Bezirk Horn, Niedeiösterreich

19th - 20th Century craftsmen's tools and equipment, especially colours printing. Writings of Franz
Albertina Graphics Collection (Vienna - Austria) (Vienna - Austria)
Augustinerstrasse 1-1050 Vienna 1

Posters, illustrated books, maps.
Hernals District Museum (Vienna - Austria)
Hernalser Hamptstrasse 72-74, 1170 Vienna 7

Memorabilia of noted local residents, including the Schrammel brothers, for some considered the inventors of lithography.


Dagbladmuseum (Antwerp - Belgium) - Belgium)

This Press Museum is installed in the building where in 1605/6 was printed the newspaper "Niewe Tydinjhen", considered one of the first world newspaper. That museum is installed in the Abraham Verhoeven`s house who was an engraver, printer and journalist. In 1605, the duke Alberto and Isabel gives him the privilege of printing a newspaper with prohibition of criticise the Spanish politic, the Catholic Church or the foreign royal courts.

The museum has the bigger and diversified spoil of world newspaper beyond same printing, binding machines and printing-set-up equipment. The all newspaper collection exceed the two millions of exemplars that cames from more than 120 countries. Principal curiosities: the biggest newspaper - "The Constellation" (USA, 1859) of 2,5 x 1,3 cm. and the smallest newspaper - "Utrecht´s Niewblad" (Netherlands, 1845), that has 12 x 8 cm.

The upbringing of that museum - opened in 1987 - owes mainly to the interest of his keeper - George Blommaert - who has collected all worlds newspaper was prolonging his father's collection.

Plantin-Moretus Museum (Antwerp (Antwerp - Belgium)

Established in the old and famous "Plantin House" the Plantin-Moretus Museum is one of the most curious and rich world museums.

It belongs to the Antwerp city council and results of the purchase of old workshop and collections to the descending of Christopher Plantin, Edward Moretus, in 1876.

Since 1867 the printing office stopped work hading its last printing book in 1866: Horae Diurnae S. Francisci. Behind stared three centuries of work.

Plantin was one of the greatest printers of all time and his descending knew to protect the rich heiress patrimony.

In 1877 the museum had opened showing its large spoil composed by typographic pieces, some of them 17th century, rich library and painting collection.

Along this year there was promoted constant temporary exhibitions followed of thematic debates.

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Press Museum (Brussels - Belgium)

Placed temporary in the Albert I Royal Library corridors, in Brussels centre. The museum has done its first presentation in 1975. In the present time the museum joins more than 300 machines. It has one of the biggest worlds printing spoil, but only about the third part is exposed to the public.

The museum evokes the paper manufacture and printer instruments. It exhibiting several equipment of printing technician and binding process.

Between a large hand press collection, there are a Stanhope hand press and one Félicien Rops "taille-douce" hand press.


Rila Monastery National Museum (Rila - Bulgaria)

Manuscripts. Early printed books. First Bulgarian territorial globe. Early charters.


Danish Press Museum (Arhus - Denmark)
Danish Film Museum (Copegnagen - Denmark)
St. Sondervoldstraede, Copenhagen

History of film, including a large collection of press cuttings and programme leaflets, as well as
prints and negatives, books and periodicals.
Royal Library (Copegnagen - Denmark) (Copegnagen - Denmark)
8 Christians Brygge, Copenhagen

Illuminated manuscripts, Chinese, Indian, Islamic, Jewish manuscripts. Incunabula. Bookbindings.
Denmark Grafish Museum / Dansk Press Museum (Odense (Odense - Denmark)

Brandts Passage 37, 3 SAL 5000 Odense

Placed in open Odense Cultural Centre in a Denmark Island, those museums work interconnected in the same building of an old textile factory. The Printing Arts Museum opened in 1984 and the Press Museum was integrated in the same space in 1989. Until today the Press Museum had an unstable existence since its establishment in 1957.

This is a live space where old printers and graphic artists done several works during the public visits. Sometimes it is made special shows about different subjects.

The fundamental worry has been collected and protects the materials relating to Danish history printing production. The collections are rich and embrace an enormous length of time since Middle Ages until today. Internationally had been entering into unions with others specialised European Museums.



Gallen-Kallelan Museum (Tarvaspaa- Finland)
Tarvaspaa, Leppovaara, Espoo

Printing. Graphics. Early printings, graphics by Gallen-Kellelan.
Anjala Manoz - House Museum (Anjala - Finland)

Amos Anderson Museum of Art (Helsinki - Finland)
Yrjonkatu 27, Hels 10

Helsinki Municipal Museum (Helsinki - Finland)
Karamsininkatu 2, Helsinki 10

History of Helsinki. Prints. Archives.
Helsinki Municipal Museum (Helsinki - Finland)
Karamsininkatu 2, Helsinki 10

History of Helsinki. Prints. Archives.
Hyvinkaa (Helsinki - Finland))

Art Gallery; Hyvinkaa; Graphics.
Museum of Art (Imatra - Finland)



Press and Bank Museum(Lyon-France)

The Lyon museum is installed in a 15th century building and is connected to the Municipal Library of that French City, the third one getting press activities.

The story says that after Strasbourg (1460), where lived Gutenberg, and Paris (1471), Lyon was the first French borough to used movable printing-types (1473). The most extensive and significative of all museum deals with "Press", involving several rooms. The press museum shows two different sections: one connected to book history and other to stamping history.

The museum has a great diversity of equipment and documents divided in a dozen rooms on three floors. Between several printing press this museum shows a model of a 15th century Lionise manual printing done based in the "Danse Macabre" by the printer Mathieu Husz.

Moreover shows several incunabula - where is included the first French book decorated by one wood engraved illustration (1478) - the museum dedicated three rooms to the press type and letter technician learning.

Nantes Press Museum (Nantes-France) (Nantes-France)

Installed in Nantes Mediateca building the press museum joined a conjunct of value pieces, being the most ancients reported to 17th century manual setting-up type. The museum was opened is December 1986.

The museum visitor can see old printers working with same exhibit machines. In the museum biggest rooms are presented several printing technicians and in other spaces we could see different engraves types, binding process and press offices documents.

Hotel du Brevil Saint-Germain Museum (Lougres - France)
58200 Lougres, Haut-Marne

Incunabula and manuscripts. Books bindings.
Memorabilia of Diderot, born at Langers.
International Museum of Malacology (Nice - France)
3 Cours Salaya, 06000 Nice, Alpes-Maritimes

A lithography press, dating from Daumier’s day, recalls the technical processes once used for
illustrating works of conchology.


Gutenberg Museum (Mainz - Germany) (Mainz - Germany)

Placed in the old city of Mainz, not far away from the place where were printed the first books, the World-wide Press Museum, known as Gutenberg Museum opened in 1962.

The museums rebuild Gutenberg printing time, showing one wood Press builder with original fragments of the father of movable printing press.

 In the "Gutenberg Atelier" we can see the typographic manual production.

The museum presents typographic books, mainly of 16th century, besides an extensive and specialised library Printing Arts. One of the most museum relics is the original Gutenberg`s Bible 42 lines printed.

Book and Writing Museum of German Book Trade (Leipzig - Germany)
Deutscher Platz, Leipzig

History of books, writing and writing materials. Bindings.

Book and Writing Museum of German Book Trade (Leipzig - Germany)
Deutscher Platz, Leipzig

History of books, writing and writing materials. Bindings.
Institute of Precision Instruments - Making of the Technical University of
Dresden (Dresden - Germany)

Barkhansen Ban, Helmholtrstrasse 18, Dresden

Development of the Typewriting since 1864.
Museum of Historic Typewriters (Bayreuth - Germany)
Mitpoldplatz 3. 8580 Bayreuth, Bayern

Collection illustrating development of the Typewriter.
Museum of Blind (Berlim - Germany)

History of Braille and of machine for producing it. Methods, of teaching Braille.
Ottmar Mergenthaler's Birth place (Hachtel - Germany)
6991 Hachtel, Hensen

Memorabilia of Ottmar Mergenthaler (d. 1899) inventor of linotype.
Museum of the principality of Lüneburg (Lüneburg - Germany)
Wandrahmstrasse 10, 3140 Luneburg, Niedersachsen

Bookprinting and bookbinding.
BookBinder's Museum (Mainz - Germany)
Liebfranenplatz 5, 6500 Mainz-Rheinland-Pfalz

History of the production of books.
Solenhofer Company Museum (Maxberg- Germany)
8831 Maxberg, Bayern

History of Lithography. Use of Solenhof stone for lithography.
German Museum (München - Germany) (München - Germany)
Museum Insel
8000 München, Bayern

East German Foundation Gallery (Regensburg - Germany)
Dr. Johann Maier Strasse 5, 8400 Regensburg, Bryner

Prints. Engravings.
Town Museum (Schwabach- Germany)
Pfarrgasse 8, 8540 Schwabach, Bayern

Local printed books.
Library collection of Fulda (Fulda- Germany)
D 6400 Fulda

Great Britain

The Printing House (Cumbria - G. Britain) Printing House (Cumbria - G. Britain)

Created in 1979, this museum is installed in an old 17th century building in the Colkermouth City, Cumbria.

Between the excellent exposed pieces there are one of the three known Cogger`s famous manual-press. 
There is an iron "Cogger Press" (1820) that belongs to the first period of development after lord Stanhope invention.

Besides manual-press the museum shows several automatic printing-machines like Monotype, Linotype and Heidelberg.

Printing Press (Strabane - G. Britain) Press (Strabane - G. Britain)

Main Street, Strabane, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

18th century printing shop.

Britsh Typewriter Museum (England - G. Britain) Typewriter Museum (England - G. Britain)

"The beeching Collection", 137 Steward Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire

Collection illustrating 100 years of typewriter production. Exhibits include two remingtor sholes, the first typewriters produced on a production line (1873).

Hornby Library (Liverpool - G. Britain) Library (Liverpool - G. Britain)

William Brown Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

Prints, manuscripts, fine bindings and illustrated and rare book illustrating the art of printing and book
production througt the ages. Autographs. Private press books.



Imre Kner Museum (Gyoma - Hungary)

In former home of Kner family. Development of Kner Printing Works. 1907 - present day and
Andor Tevan´s printing and publishing Company. Foot-operated "liberty" platern-press. Books produced by Kner.


Armenian Monastery (Venice - Italy)
Island of San Lazzaro, Venice

Manuscripts and books from Armenia. Printing shop equiped with the type required for printing in 36
Public Library (Siena - Italy)
Via Della Sapienza, Siena

7th century Ravenna´s of papyrus. Bookbinding.
Civic Museum (Riva del Garda - Italy) (Riva del Garda - Italy)
Rocca, Piazza 3 Membre, Riva de Garda

Local history. Locally printed books, including a Talmund of 1558.


Collection of the Netherlands Typefoundry and Printing Machinery Company
(Amsterdam - Netherlands)

Bilderdig Kstraat 163, Amsterdam, Noord Holland.

Typography. Graphics.
Netherland Museum of the Press (Amsterdam - Netherlands) (Amsterdam - Netherlands)
Onde Turfmarkt 151, Amsterdam, Nord Holland

Collection of Newspapers and periodicals published in the Netherlands since the early 17th century.
Material illustrating the history of the press.
Netherlands Press Museum (Amesterdam- Netherlands)
Oost-Indisch Huis
Oude Hoogstraat 24
NL - 1012 CE Amesterdam

Museum Van Het Boek (Den Haag- Netherlands)therlands)

The Book Museum installed in the Dutch city of Den Haag in 1852 is based in the spoil of two greatest collectors: Westreen and Meerman, which names are associated to the museum name. Boarding the book and press history that museum has like collections subject three vectors: rises of the book, its conception and its aesthetics along centuries. The museum has one extraordinary book collection and between them it could be found manuscripts from Ancient Age and several incunabula. All book history in West Europe figures in specimen patent to the people.
In permanent exhibition there are some printing equipment where between them stands up one important Netherlands private typographic collection of this century: the printing office of J. F. Van Royen (1878-1942).
Rijkmuseum Meermanno Westreenianum (Gravenhage- Netherlands)
Prinse Ssegracht, 30 's
Gravenhage - Netherlands
International Press Museum (Gravenhage - Netherlands)
Javarstroad, 32, 'S Gravenhage, Zuid Holland

Collection illustrating history of the press. Newspapers. Periodicals. Memorabilia of journalists.
Museum Enshede (Haarlem- Netherlands)
Klakhuisflein 5,
Haarlem - Netherlands

History of printing and typefounding in Netherlands, especially by the pim of John Enschedé and sons. File of the Haarlemsche Courant since 1656. 17th century atlases.
Frans Hals Museum (Haarlem- Netherlands)
Groot Heiligland 62
Haarlem - Netherlands
Pilgrim Fathers Documentation Centre (Leiden- Netherlands)
Boisotkade 2 A Leiden
Print Cabinet of the National University (Leiden - Netherlands)
Kloksteeg 25, Leiden, Zuid Holland

Print and drawings, especially Dutch, Flemish, 1500-present day. Book-illustrating. Collection
illustrating history of photography.
Typewriting and Writing Museum (Tilburg - Netherlands)
Gasthnisring 54, Tilburg, Nord Brabaut

Typewriters. Duplicators. Calculating machines. Inkpots. Pens. Letter-openers. Writing manuals and
copy books.
Museum of the Utrecht Student Coorps (Utrecht - Netherlands)
Janskerkhof 14, Utrecht

Collections illustrating student life in Utrech since 1636.
Prints. Photographs. Almanacs. Student Newspapers.


National Printing Press Museum (Oporto - Portugal)

E. N. 108, nş 206 (Freixo) 4300-316 Porto
Tel. (+351)-22-5304966 / Fax (+351)-22-5301071

This Portuguese museum is in installation stage. It is placed in an ancient factory in the Right side of Douro river, near "Palácio do Freixo", a Nazoni architectural jewel.

The first stage project, that implies 1.500 m2, was open in 4th April 1997. The project is an initiative of the AMI - Associaçăo Museu da Imprensa established in 1989, an institution without lucrative aim.

Since 1989 until the present time the worries was the gathering and preservation of equipment as well as the researches about Printing Arts in Portugal.

The AMI spoil has already 300 machines from which 100 are recovered and ready to work. Between them there are rare equipment like the printing press "Alauzet", two "Albion Press", a typesetter machine "Typograph", one pedal "Marinoni", a rotary printing press "Koenig & Bauer" and one lithographic wood printing-press.

Some of the old printing techniques and machines are able to be activated by the public.



Press museum of Cieszynie

Cieszyn, ul. Głęboka 50

Tel.: 0048 33 851 16 30





Art Museum (Bucharest - Romania)
Strada Stirbei Vodá 1, Bucharest

Bookbinding. Engraving
G. Oprescu Collection (Bucharest - Romania)
Strada Dr. Clunet 16, Bucharest

Engravings. Incunabula. Early printed books.
Local Museum (Slatina - Romania)
Strada Ionescu 81, Slatina

Early Printed Books
Museum of Printing and Early Printed Books (Tîrgaviste - Romania)
Strada Justitiei 3-5, Tîrgaviste

History of printing in Romania
Muzeul Tiparului (Tîrgaviste- Romania)
Si Cartii Vechi Romanesti
Str. Justitizi, 3-5 Tirgaviste


Book Museum (Madrid- Spain)

It is the more recent European Museum in Press sector. That museum opened in October 1995 with a great innovation: being interactive. The museum is installed in the National Library ground floor area and contains a 22 multimedia systems that allows easy and intuitive access to all digital information.
In this museum, for the first time in the world, are used holographic interactive simulations representing some expressive moments of book history.

The museum suggests several ways and among them a Mesopotamia journey to the write inventor 5.500 years ago or to Alexandria Library.
Besides showing several books, library great preciousness and some printing art instruments, the museum allows visitors to listen poets, philosophers or other great western culture figures to obtain surprising interactive results was necessary to digitise almost 9.000 images and making 600 diapositives, five hours video and more than 200 graphics
Press and Grafhic Art Museum (Valencia- Spain)

This museum opened in 1987 is the only world press museum installed in a convent. Although its story remounts to 1237 the Real Monasterio del Puig de Santa Maria was built in the 16th century. The press museum is integrated in the convent-sanctuary visits system. It is proper the existence of that museum in Valencia because was in that Spanish south-easterly City that Iberian Press begun. The first printing-book in Valencia dates from 1474 and before that there is no acquaintance of another printing-book in Iberian Peninsula. Besides, Valencia was in the half 15th century one of the most populous and important city that peninsula.

The museum shows assorted spoil of machines, typographic equipment and documents that confirmed the principal moments of press development. The most courious piece is one exact copy of a wood printing press that maybe was used by Gutenberg for the Bible 42 lines printing. This printing press is the very same of another one of the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz.

Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando/National Engraving Museum (Madrid - Spain)
Calle Acalá, 13, Madrid

18th - 20th century plates and engravings. Printing workshops
Museum of the Collegiate Church (Villagarcia del Campos - Spain)
Avenida Generalinismo, Villagarcia de Campos, Valladolid

Press of the Villagarcia printing establishment and copies of books produced here.


Museum of Apllied Arts (Basel - Switzerland)
Spalenworstadt 2, Basel

Printing. Bookbinding.
Swiss Technical Museum of Bookbinding (Bern - Switzerland)
Zenghansgasse 2, Bern

History of bookbinding and printing. Tools, machines, materials. Historical Books
Regional Museums (Luzern- Switzerland)
Schloss, Bern, Luzern

Tower in wich Helias Helye published the first dated Swiss book (1470). Replica of his printing press.
Books printed by Helye and by Ulrich Gering.

Laufentol Regional Museum (Laupen - Switzerland)
Rathans, Laupen, Bern

History. Memorabilia of the Laufen printers Helias Helye.

Museum of old Vevey (Vevey - Switzerland)
Rue d' Italy, Vevey, Vand

Prints. Printing works of the Messager Boiteux. Pewter workshop.

Switzerland´s Gutenberg Museum (Bern- Switzerland)
Zeughausgasse, 2
CH - 30 11 Bern

Printing works. Typography.

Public Art. Collections (Basel - Switzerland)

St. Albangraben 18, Basel

Drawings and 15 and 20 century Switzerland and German printing works.

Public Art. Collections (Basel - Switzerland)

St. Albangraben 18, Basel

Drawings and 15 and 20 century Switzerland and German printing works.



Melbourne Museum of Printing (Melbourne- Australia)

 New Zealand

New Zealand

Museum of Transport and Technology (Auckland - New Zealand)
Great North Road and Merola Road, Western Springs, Auckland 3

Printing and graphic arts.

Dunedin Public Art Gallery (Dunedin - New Zealand)
Logan Place, Dunedin, Otago Province

Prints. Contemporary graphics.
Pompallier House (Russel - New Zelland)
The Strand, Russell, Bay of Islands

Catholic Missions printing.