Oporto is the Portuguese north region capital, also the centre of a metropolitan area with more than a million habitants Portugal owns its name precisely to the form it was designated Oporto's actual region, until the 12th century: Portucale.

The city is localised in the right side of the river Douro, next to it mouth. The origin of the city remounts the protohistory period: an ancient Celtic village existed in the actual hill of the Cathedral (Sé). Oporto became, in the 14th century, the greatest bourgeois commercial centre. With the birth of Infante D. Henrique, Oporto became permanently tied to the epoch of the Discoveries, in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Oporto is known as "muy leal e invicta cidade" and became latter the liberalism bastion. Oporto had a strong English influence mainly with the worldwide and famous Oporto's wine, "Vinho do Porto", wish companies were English too.

Oporto's historical centre was classified as "Humanity Cultural Patrimony" in December 1996.

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